Marielbank Co, Ltd

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MARIELBank began with a genuine desire to help the people of Cambodians who need quick cash to meet their daily needs.

MARIELBank provides micro and small quick loans to the employed and the business owners.

We give you quick cash only and only if you need it, not you want it. So we want to see you use it wisely. We don’t bother to call you or we are not expected you to call us either. Your privacy is our top priority.

Interest is not our first question, it’s the second. Our first is how we can help you.

Because we give quick and easy cash without collaterals and it’s the business nature that we have to make a profit, we have to put a fair interest rate on your loan.

Customers can apply for loans in a fast and easy way that takes them only 1 minute. using website or app.

You can reach us by +85567 69 69 67 or +85570 69 69 67 or Facebook MARIELBank

The employed who can provide employment letter and bank account and business owners who have business license or patent and bank account can apply for help.

MARIELBank’s mission is to help the employed people and business owners who need quick cash for good value-added purposes while offering good and fair benefits to all stakeholders in community.


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