Meet our Committee Members

CAFT is most proud to have some of the Kingdom of Cambodia’s top fintech leaders to be at the helm of its committee.
Chaired by Ms. Frandara Khuon


Exclusive PSI

To serve and support the PSI community in Cambodia when it comes to its needs via direct dialogues with regulators and different stakeholders

Chaired by Mr. Tomas Pokorny

Membership, Sponsorship and Community

Open to All Members

Responsible for events, community engagements, implementation of the sponsorship campaigns and growth of membership as well as maintaining relationships with the existing sponsors and members throughout the year.

Chaired by Mr. Jack Lee

East Asian Digital and Tech Committee

Open to All Members specially for East Asian Countries

Platform for information sharing and discussion with matters regarding the East Asian Digital and Tech Industry to ensure the continuous growth and development of related industries in Cambodia. This committee aims to foster cooperation within the Cambodian community, relevant regulators, and stakeholders for them to connect and collaborate to joint initiatives and future growth of the Cambodian tech and digital landscape.


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