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Management Team

CAFT would not have reached this growth without its management team. Currently, CAFTs management is under the leadership of Executive Director Ma. Weena D. Llona with support of D.Q.D Consulting Co., Ltd. as its back office, finance, marketing, operational and strategic team.



D.Q.D Consulting Co., Ltd. (“DQD”) is a strategic and investment management advisory firm that is founded with “diversity” at its core.  They provide tailored, innovative and comprehensive solutions and multiple sector expertise as well as connections across APAC, Central Asia and Eastern Europe business landscape and Governments, where they differentiate themselves in range of unique approaches such as being part of team they work for/with, having long-term interests in projects they consult for and more.

They have established track records in corporate strategic planning and management of industry leading companies and high-profile projects including financial services, government and energy sector.

They specialize in working with startups, SMEs, foreign and local investors as well as high profile individuals that demand honest, straightforward, and uniquely positioned, tailor-made services from a team that takes their needs seriously and puts their interests first.

They work in alliance with multinational and multi-corporate groups in Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Australia and Uzbekistan, bringing potential scale of the network to any of their clients, partnering rather than competing wherever they can, being able to link their clientele with legal, finance and other specialized service firms, while managing everything under one, unified umbrella.

Executive Director


Weena brings to the table more than a decade of demonstrated expertise in business process outsourcing and operations.

Weena hails from the Philippines and worked in setup and build of several outsourcing startups before coming to Cambodia.

Weena has demonstrated experience in the outsourcing field in numerous industries – including Healthcare, Sports Analytics, and Food & Beverage – having served as Operations and Account director on small and large-scale private organizations; she brings the much-needed back-office and project management, guidance, and expertise to CAFT.

In Cambodia, Weena was Director of Accounts and Operations for an outsourcing company where she oversaw the setup, build, planning, implementing all the company’s daily operations.  Additionally, she was responsible for regular evaluation of business organizational efficiency and made necessary changes to maximize staff productivity, which was proven effective, leading teams of combined headcount of over 1,000 multi-cultural, multi-national and diverse background staff members.

With skills in managing resources, developing, and implementing operational plans and ensuring that procedures are carried out properly, accompanied with strong assessment skills on any company needs, Weena is always finding ways to contribute to the big picture by ensuring daily operations run smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

As CAFT Executive Director Weena is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the association as well as driving fundraising, marketing, and community outreach efforts in coordination with the board.



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