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D.Q.D Consulting Co., Ltd. (“DQD”) is a strategic and investment management advisory firm that is founded with “diversity” at it’s core. We provide tailored, innovative and comprehensive solutions and multiple sector expertise as well as connections across Central and Southeast Asia business landscape and Governments, where we differentiate ourselves in range of unique approaches such as being part of team we work for/with, having long-term interests in projects we consult for and more.

We have established track records in corporate strategic planning and management of industry leading companies and high-profile projects including financial services, government and energy sector.

We specialize in working with startups, SMEs, foreign and local investors as well as high profile individuals that demand honest, straightforward, and uniquely positioned, tailor-made services from a team that takes their needs seriously and puts their interests first.

We work in alliance with multinational and multi-corporate groups in Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Australia and Uzbekistan, bringing potential scale of the network to any of our clients.

We are founded by two principals Tomas Pokorny and Evgeny (Jim) Kagay, both having reputable record of successful business management and over 2 decades of established relationships with local corporates and governments collectively, in SE Asia, Central Asia with potential for connectivity to Europe and North / South Americas as well.

We have a multicultural, experienced, agile, diverse and committed team of professionals with a wide range of expertise providing advisory services and support across Central and Southeast Asia.

Together with our Affiliated Partner Groups, as well as our back-office team specializing in optimization of outsourcing and consulting administration and automation processes, we deliver decades of joint experience in wide range of industries.


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