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CashHero is a financial technology loan service provider. We understand that accessing loan in Cambodia can be difficult, and for some, non-existence. That is why CashHero exists. Our mission is to give everyone access to the fund they need to support their families, grow their business or purchase an item that will make life easier.

We focus on using technology to provide financial solutions that are fast, simple and reliable. We utilize cutting-edge technology to enable easy access to lending services and complement it by offering a quick turnaround time, and fast 24-hour disbursement process.

Customers applying for financial solutions through us can complete the entire process online, eliminating paperworks, complex approval procedures, and guarantors at the same time. Therefore, we have introduced a breath of fresh air into Cambodia’s finance market, while adding immeasurable value to Cambodian lives.

We are a dynamic, highly experienced Information Technology solutions and Financial Technology (FinTech) services provider spearheaded by international industry professionals with a significant experience in FinTech and IT.

CashHero Co.,Ltd is a company duly incorporated and registered under the laws of Cambodia. CashHero operates the online lending platform which connects the borrowers with the licensed lender, facilitates loan process and is not acting as a lender or loan provider.


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