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Ant Bigdata Technology Co., Ltd

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Supported by experts from the big data center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and operated by the China’s financial technology leader, Ant Big Data Technology is a fintech company established in 2018 by leading fintech experts from China. The company, with experts from artificial intelligence and financial field, aims to offer big data and financial services to enterprises and individuals in both Cambodia and Southeast Asia on a massive and global network.
At present, our products are Ask Ant, which is a business search engine and by which users can access both the Cambodia and Chinese companies’ information, Ant Credit, which will be useful for banks and Microfinance Institutions to make decision when they use the credit reports issued by our Ant Credit, and Ant Tailor, which is a customized solution for companies.
Since our CTO is the bigdata expert from Chinese Academy of Science and our our shareholders are optimistic about the development of Cambodia. In the near future, we may cooperate with a bank or Microfinace institution and be their shareholder. We think that considering the existing situation, a third-party payment tool will be of great use for all the Cambodians, so we may also launch our own third-party payment tool and cooperate with banks, MSFs, SMEs and business. This will also help the overall development of Cambodian Fintech ecosystem.


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