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U-Pay Digital Plc.

// About

U-Pay Digital Plc. (U-Pay) was established in 2019, and was licensed by the National Bank of Cambodia in June 2020 to become the local payment service institution.

U-pay will intensively expand the scope of payment services, forging a closer tie between consumers and merchants. The service we’re providing will serve convenience to businesses from every industry. The payment method could be in the form of mobile-POS device or static QR code payment, which makes payment safe, convenient and fast, which will also allow our users to enjoy a higher-end consumer experience. Both online/offline services will extend to food, clothing, hospitality, transportation, and entertainment, creating a diversified payment life. Moreover, government services, financial management, philanthropy, and public welfare will also be included within the app core functionalities. It doesn’t matter if it’s just shopping or paying bills, life will be more convenient with U-Pay.

U-Pay believes that changing the payment method is creating lifestyle. We are committed to provide new ways of living during the rapid development of Cambodia, and expand to other parts of Southeast Asia.


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